"The [Labour Standards Evaluation] survey reported that about 25% of all federal employers were not in compliance with most obligations under Part III [of the Canada Labour Code], and that 75% of these employers were not in compliance with at least one provision of Part III... 

Workers may not complain because they are ignorant of their rights under Part III, because they fear employer reprisals, or because they lack the stamina or means to pursue their remedies."

- Harry Arthurs, Fairness at Work, Federal Labour Standards for the 21st Century 
(Ottawa: Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, 2006)

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The law firms of  Roy O'Connor LLP ("RO"), Sotos LLP ("Sotos") and Goldblatt Partners LLP ("GP" - formerly Sack Goldblatt Mitchell LLP), along with a national team of law firms, represent plaintiffs in two certified class actions against Canadian Banks on behalf of current and former non-management employees for compensation for alleged unpaid overtime.

Under the Canada Labour Code, bank employees are entitled to time-and-a-half for hours worked in excess of eight hours a day and forty hours a week. The lawsuits allege that class members were not paid for the overtime hours they worked in excess of their standard working hours. The allegations have not yet been proven in Court.

A class action is a powerful legal tool that can provide a voice and much needed compensation to those who cannot otherwise afford a lawyer. The Ontario Class Proceeding Act, which came into force in 1993, helps level the legal playing field between big corporations and common people.

There have been similar lawsuits in the United States, where employees have successfully recovered hundreds of millions of dollars of overtime pay.

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Settlement Approved in Fulawka v The Bank of Nova Scotia - for more information click here

We are continuing to investigate similar claims of employees in the financial services industry, and in other industries across Canada. If you want to tell us about an unpaid overtime situation in your industry, please click here.

While we will attempt to respond to any inquiries we receive, we may not be able to respond to everybody. Please note that accessing the information provided on this website or providing your information does not make you a client of SOTOS, RO or GP. If you are in need of legal advice with respect to your individual circumstances, you should contact a lawyer through other means and enter into a written retainer agreement with him or her.